c. Vintage Custom by Gene Clark

Vintage Custom Cased Patek 18K Rose Gold Pendant Watch and Chain

Exceptional Coin Edge 18k Rose Gold Pendant watch . This watch contains an early Patek Philippe movement that has been meticulously reworked by Gene Clark of Colorado. Among a number of Tourbillons, Gene made some custom cases and fitted reworked Patek movements in them. The magnificent coin edge case, see last photo for closeup detail, was made from scratch by Gene Clark from 18K gold that he alloyed himself. The early Patek movement has had a complete rework by Gene to the extent of matte finish gold plated bridges, highly polished heat blued screws, and beautiful steel components. 

The case measures 27 mm in diameter and is fitted with glass crystals on both front and back bezels. This watch is currently for sale for a customer and owner. It has been a number of years since it was last serviced and is currently due for service.

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